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Wheel of Fortune is a mobile oracle with many questions on a variety of topics. Just turn the wheel and the zodiac signs on it will choose the right answer. Remember that virtual fortune telling is only able to determine the direction and guessing is necessary only once for each of the proposed questions.

The application contains 6 thematic sections:

1. Fortune-telling (contains questions such as: when will I get married, does he have a mistress, do I need this acquaintance, does he remember about the betrayal of what will happen this year).

2. Family and children (questions about family happiness and well-being: how many children will be, whether my husband is faithful to me, who will be born to a mysterious person).

3. Friends and enemies (such or such a person tells me the truth or falsehood, can I make peace with a friend, can I trust a person).

4. Fortune telling (questions about the near and distant future: what will happen today, what fate intended, whether I will be happy in life).

5. Work and money (will I get a promotion at work, will I be rich, will there be success in business).

6. Wise thoughts (wise advice for everyone: what you need for happiness, what to do in the current situation, whether to give up your intention).

This ancient method for prediction has long been used by gypsies. Roulette of fate is able to give answers to many topics that concern you.

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