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ラベルを撮るだけ簡単記録 - 無料ワインアプリVinica Icon - APKRipe.Com

ラベルを撮るだけ簡単記録 - 無料ワインアプリVinica

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Vinica のフィードは、他のユーザーが投稿した写真がリアルタイムで次々に表示されます。




アカウントの作成にはTwitter, Facebook, Yahoo!いずれかのアカウントが必要です
◆ ◇ is the most beloved wine app in Japan ◆ ◇
Registered users has surpassed 80,000 people!

features of the Vinica

- drank it easy to record and manage the wine. only you take a photo, wine name is entered Vinica

Wine of the post you are more and more so let's interact with your wine lover with a comment or Like button

• You can search on the detailed conditions of the wine. Examine the wine to be worried about, please try to make sure everyone of evaluation

function of Vinica

※ drank record the wine
Wine label (etiquette) at the same time as the image taste and smell also allows you to easily record and select.
Input of troublesome wine name is not necessary.

Wine drank is managed in your cellar function. You can search from the past but the date and notes that drinking posts.

※ You meet an unknown wine
Wine country or region, you can search, such as grapes and red and white.
130,000 or more wine has been registered, your comments Ya in each
Detailed information has been recorded.
Let's find the pros and cons of your favorite wine!

Wine anxious It is also possible to bookmark.

※ Let's exchanges with people of like wine
Vinica feeds, photos posted by others will be displayed one after the other in real time.
Wine and which may drank, or ask your impressions towards the user When the wine you are in the mood is posted,
Like I'll Press. You might meet a delicious wine and to follow the closer of taste.

The person who exchanges not good is it is also possible to use in private mode.
Please try to post to cancel all means If you feel like to chat so you can cancel at any time.

These features are available in all free!

[Recommended for Travelers]
- the wine drank leaving to record those who want to management
- drank wine producers, who want to know information such as grape varieties
- Easy to those who want to put a tasting notes
· If you want to originate in both Facebook and Twitter the impression that delicious
· If you want to meet the various wine
Wine Lover If you would like to chat with each other

The creation of account must Twitter, Facebook, is Yahoo! any of the account

ラベルを撮るだけ簡単記録 - 無料ワインアプリVinica V3.4.2 Update


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