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The following are tips for choosing a shoe rack.
1. ensure the total collection and pertambahannya
ensure the number of collections and the amount of the increase every year benting to determine how wide you need space to put your shoes. do not be too small because then when you are happy mengileksi a lot of shoes, would rush to regulate when there is a surplus of shoes. after determining the size of the rack, you may get rid of your shoes which if used.
2. decide which one is right
make sure the shoe rack placement is suitable for putting your shoe collection, if you want in or out. then also will determine the type of shoe racks also want to model whether the model is open or closed. avoid placing the shoe rack in the kitchen, because sparks indirect cooking oil will damage the quality of your shoes.
3. The shoe rack made crooked
in order to facilitate you take out and put back in the shoes that you naturally incline. and if you want to see your collection suitable tilted position.
4. ventilating
You forgot to members of ventilation in your shoe rack, especially for a closed shoe rack. because the rock salt will affect dtimbulkan smell your shoes. also to regulate the temperature in your shoe rack.
tips / how to shoe storage
Selalin choose shoe rack, you Cermatilah when storing your shoes
shoe store in pristine condition, dry and free of debris
how to help you choose a shoe rack erbuka model because it will be easy to take out and put back.
for shoe leather to give a fixed form falsies paper or newspaper.
set penimpanan shoes match the frequency of the use of shoes, also the color of shoes that you use frequently.

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