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1.1.7 For Android
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[to Today's you -Howabout like this?-]

It is application such as the fortune-telling.
It is with an automatic notice function and teaches everyday reference every day.
The result of this application may be useful for your every day.
Application informs a lucky number and a color, words (a keyword).
The result occurs once a day.
The item is ten items.
A result is updated every day.
Please watch a result easily.
When a day changes, it is displayed by an automatic notice in the status bar.
As for the automatic notice, a change of ON/OFF is possible optionally.
When the keyword taps a keyword display button, it is displayed.
(it is not necessary to tap it on that day when I tap it once)
When an automatic notice change button is not displayed,
when swipe does a screen middle part, a screen scrolls, and a button is displayed.

to Today's you V1.1.7 Update


Version[1.1.8] -[2018/10/22]-履歴画面での不具合を修正致しました。
Version[1.1.7] -[2018/10/01]-通知ON時のバッテリー使用量を軽減しました。その他不具合を修正致しました。
Version[1.1.6] -[2018/08/27]-強制終了する不具合を修正致しました。また対応端末を増やしました。
Version[1.1.5] -[2017/08/08]-不具合の修正、bingo5の項目を追加しました。猫のアニメーションのON、OFFを切り替えられるようにしました。
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