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Spitfire: World of Aircrafts

1.0 For Android
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Pilot a Spitfire Supermarine and fight against german fighters and bombers: Focke-Wulf 190 and Heinkel 111.
In a realistic and beautiful 3D scene: France and English Channel (free version) you can recreate the battle for Britain with probably the most elegant fighter of this terrible war, the Spitfire.

Many features to highlight:
-Realistic 3D environment and physics of aircrafts
-You can take off your Spitfire and landing too.
-Simulate infinite terrain
-You can choice touch control (joystick on screen) or gyroscope
-Lots of navigation instruments: Radar, Compass, Speedometer and Altimeter. You can disable them
-Modern HUD (non historical of course) to ease flight and combat experience
-Very good perfomance with android devices. You can choice three graphic quality options
-GUI Indicators on screen of enemies
-Ralaxing and optional music background
-With several missions you can climb the ladder of command

Some people find difficulties how to play. Exists a tutorial level but if one is not patient enough:
- Firstly start engine with START button, above power slider. A led switch from red to green
- Secondly power up the engine with the slider and take off. Sometimes trying to hunt enemies is not the best option power up until 100%, specially against slow bombers
- By default control is with touch joystick but you can switch to gyroscope, up to user.
- The HUD with instrumentation is optional. The most important is RADAR but in the screen will appears some arrows indicating where is the enemy, so is not mandatory. If your device is low end, deactivate them all for better performance. This instrumentation make use intensive calculation.
- If your device is low end, and you have deactivated the instrumentation, choose low quality graphs. If that the game is not running neither, bad luck. Play another game. The solution is not low rating, thanks

Spitfire: World of Aircrafts V1.0 Update


UI size adjustment on screen resolution
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