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Shopping Assistant & Wish List 🛍️ AI shop Shopiz

1.0.9 For Android
4.9 | 4.9 Reviews

When Tinder Meets Amazon - The Most Fun and Addictive Shopping App You Can Wish For!

You are a special human being, and there are some things that you like and some that you don't. Shopiz uses machine learning to offer you the most amazing item that will fit your personality and preferences.

The Window Shopping of the Future - AI-Powered Shopping app

Wish for the most exciting items? Shopiz is your new AI (artificial intelligence) shopping assistant, it will find for you the items that fit you best, from fashion, makeup & beauty, and home design to gadgets, DIY, sport, outdoor and more. It'll help you build the wish list of your dreams.
You’ll choose the categories that interest you, and we will do the rest.
With a shopping experience that will WOW you, you are about to be amazed! Download now and see for yourself.

Just like Spotify finds the best music for you, and Netflix recommends the movies and shows that fit you best, Shopiz will help you shop and find the most amazing items especially for you.

Warning - It's Addictive

With an awesome shopping experience (Tinder like fun of quick swipe left or right), Shopiz learns you and your desires, and finds the perfect offer for you from all over the web, builds your wish list, and helps you shop smarter and in fun instant way.

Share your Wish list of the most amazing items

With our wish list feature you are able to use our AI shopping engine to create and share your wish list with friends and family.

As expected from your a shopping assistant, Shopiz AI engine will help you find items in different domains (for your choosing):
🛍️ Women’s Fashion
🛍️ Accessories
🛍️ Makeup and beauty
🛍️ Jewelry
🛍️ Home and Design
🛍️ Gadgets
🛍️ Men’s Fashion
🛍️ Kids, Toddlers and Babies
🛍️ Men’s Fashion
🛍️ DIY (Do It Yourself)
🛍️ Outdoor
🛍️ Sports
And more.

Prepare to be amazed!
Shopiz uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand what items will WOW you. Our aim is to surprise and excite you every day with amazing items that you’ll love!
Fashion, accessories, jewelry – you have your own style and fashion that you like and that fits you best: Casual fashion, Sophisticated fashion, Sexy fashion, Tomboy, Chic, Vintage fashion, you name it, we will find you what you love and of course wish list it for future use.

Gadgets – The new innovative world of technology never stops to amaze, you will find here some items that will make you explode! See what gadgets and technologies can change your life forever and fit amazingly to your life.

Home and Design – Home design is an art, and if you’re into home design and wish to be excited and surprised you have to download and tune into the “Home & Design” category, we will help you find items that will surprise you and make your hart bit faster.

Kids, Toddlers and Babies – Every mom and dad know that shopping for our kids never ends, but sometimes you can find one item that will help your kid sleep better at night or develop his language skills or walk for the first time. We are here for that, download and find the items that will help you and your child develop better and faster.

Men’s Fashion – men deserve some attention 😊. Men’s fashion is diverse and exciting, Shopiz will surprise you and find the best fashion items for you.

DIY (Do It Yourself) – If you love to create and build on your on, you are in for a treat! Open your mind to new exciting DIY ideas, tools and opportunities with Shopiz artificial intelligence app.

Download now! Those days you have the opportunity to get Shopiz for free, and to be surprised, excited and amazed by the new AI technology working for you as your personal shopping assistant. Your wish is our command :)

Download now and tell us what you think, we can’t wait!

Shopping Assistant & Wish List 🛍️ AI shop Shopiz V1.0.9 Update


- more shopping features
- better learning curve
- more awesome products
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