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Q & A in a general culture: Inquire

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General questions and answers General questions and general culture Do you know - General information: contains a wide range of questions and general questions and historical, cultural, scientific, sports and Islamic answers,
Questions and Answers: General questions in general culture and do you know Islam Question and Answer: Teach yourself General information contains more than 30 levels Each stage contains 20 questions. Each question has four choices, one of which is correct. And to develop your general culture it corrects you answer before going to the next question.
Encyclopedia of Q & A and the most beautiful questions and puzzles only. With application of questions and answer 2020 without Internet.
Do you think your public culture is informative? Do you accept the challenge? Try to test your general culture through questions and answers in multiple areas?
Test your knowledge and culture through this cultural competition in a variety of fields.

The characteristics and features of the game questions and answers and questions General in the culture in general and did you know:
- Contains a lot of language and questions are all carefully chosen, accurate and high quality
- Islamic religious questions, questions and answers and questions of abilities that will determine the extent of your culture and knowledge of science and knowledge.

Questions and answers in culture and science is a game of general cultural information fun and entertaining, a game of benefit and entertainment to raise the level of knowledge balance takafa 3ama, where a question and four answers randomly asked a stroke of luck and the player must find the correct answer in the sense of hidden mystery, These questions revolve around the general culture taqafa 3ama, which is a fun gas game in the sense of the cultural cultural competition, where the person can test himself and enrich the balance of knowledge, knowledge and culture to become a person Vtahl Arabs of the petty culture and knowledge in various fields. ma3lomat 3ama or so-called brag yourself ta9if nafsak.
The application is a game to search for a password or a set of words as an answer to pass each stage separately, which is solved and occupied, this game is rich in information in the form of contests such as the one million with George and similar cultural precedents man sayarbah al malyon and other competitions that require The correct answer to the questions asked.

These cultural competitions consist of questions and answers from questions in several fields, including their answers to: history, religion, science, languages, mathematics, intelligence puzzles, cultural puzzles, scientific puzzles
- Sports (quiz football, kooora, riyadiya)
Medical Information. (ma3lomat tibiya)
Industrial Information. (ma3lomat sina3ya)
Information about the world. (ta9afa 3ama)
- General information competitions
- Islamic religious, scientific and cognitive quizzes

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- General culture competition, religious and cultural information, historical useful medical history, who will win the million Islamic, who will win the two million,
- Puzzle puzzles, questions and answers, puzzles in a word, a game solved and occupied by general information, questions and answers intelligence, general cultural information
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- ta9afa 3ama, as2ila ajwiba, takafa ama, nas2alok wa anta tojob, so2al wa jawab

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