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Preventive Medicine: Cure in health

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Do you know what preventive medicine is about? Have you heard about it? We inform you. . .

As for the diseases that we can contract, it is important not only to cure them but also to prevent them. And of that, exactly it treats the preventive medicine: in how to prevent the illnesses by means of a healthy style of life.
How can we take care of our health?
> Through a healthy and balanced diet. You have to eat everything, but, yes, we must know how. You have to know how to combine proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
> It is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.
> Practice sports.
> Hygiene. Hygiene is an important factor.
> Caring for our environment we also improve our health. Relations with others are very important and it is advisable that they be good.
> Avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Within preventive medicine can include campaigns for vaccines, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases or cholesterol control.

In this app we want to inform you about how important is the prevention of diseases. The app has explanatory videos that you can view and classify to know which ones you have already seen or which are the ones that have entered new ones, given that the videos are updated often in our app. You can share the videos with your family and friends through your favorite social networks. The menu is very easy to use and is available in several languages.
Try it totally free!

Without health, nothing else is useful!
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