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MyAlarm SMS Reports

2.10 (6th Jan 2018) For Android
2.4 | 2.4 Reviews
The SMS Reports app allows selected alarm systems that send reports via the MyAlarm SMS messaging gateway to send those messages using push notification.

Note :
Currently the SMS Reports app only works with systems configured to report via the MyAlarm SMS gateway. If you are unsure how your system is configured consult your alarm installer before purchasing the app. Systems configured for direct GSM-SMS are not currently supported. The app currently only works for alarm systems located in Australia.

Benefits of using the app include:

1) The ability to easily separate alarm system messages from other messages delivered to your phone.

2) The ability to filter messages by individual alarm system or site which is especially useful if you have more than one alarm system sending messages to your phone.

3) A unique message alert tone is played each time a push message is received, which helps to distinguish between alarm messages and other messages received on the phone.

4) The app will play an alarm siren alert tone whenever an actual alarm message is received. The alarm siren sound will play for up to 30 seconds which can alert you to the message while you are sleeping, something a normal SMS message will not do. Launching the app during the 30 second time period will stop the alert signal.

5) Individual messages can be displayed in detail view using a larger font making them easier to read.

Supported alarm system include;

Bosch Solution Ultima
Bosch Solution 16i
Bosch Solution 16plus
Bosch Solution 64
Bosch Solution 144
Bosch Solution 6000

Digiflex Vision-ICON
Digiflex Vision-16
Digiflex Vision-64
Digiflex Vision-X

Panels must be configured to report via the MyAlarm SMS gateway by your alarm installer to make use of the SMS Reports app. See note above.

If at any time in the future you wish to stop using the app and revert back to normal SMS reports, you must un-register your phone before deleting the app.

MyAlarm SMS Reports V2.10 (6th Jan 2018) Update


• Bug fix
• Remove requirement for SEND_SMS permission
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