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Muslim gathers all what you need to manage all aspects of your life as a Muslim, you can access instantly to the Holy Quran in all languages with transliterations and explanations, you can listen to the Holy Quran with more than 100 different reciters and the number is growing, in addition to that you have multiple other functionalities completely FREE and more innovations are coming soon.

-The Holy Quran with all the languages, explanations and transliterations available in the download section.
-Aya bookmark.
-Different classification of the Holy Quran (Surahs, Hizbs, Juzs)
-Displaying until 3 different versions of the Holy Quran, useful if you want to display the explanations or/and the transliterations of each Aya.
-Share Aya on your favorite social network or other apps on your phone.
-Copy Aya on your clipboard.
-Compare Aya with other versions of the Holy Coran.
-Audio Player for the Holy Quran with more than 100 reciters, you can read it online or download it to listen offline.
-Notifications for Prayer times, you can configure each prayer with different type of notifications (choose your location before in the Settings area)
-Calculation of the remaining time of the next prayer.
-Calendar of the prayer times.
-Qibla will give you the direction of Makkah (based on the position configured in the Settings area)
-Athkar which all Muslims should adhere to in their daily life. These Athkar are taken from the trusted book of Hisn Al Muslim.
-Athkar bookmark.
-Share Athkar on your favorite social network or other apps on your phone.
-Copy Athkar on your clipboard.
-Zoom in and out on the Athkar text.
-Hijri date.
-Clock on the Home screen, you can configure it to use AM/PM mode or 24H

Quran Translation Source: Tanzil.net

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiSvUXe33mYrxy7zlIWYrOA/videos
Facebook: http://facebook.com/MuslimApplication
Google+: http://gplus.to/MuslimApplication
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MuslimAppli

Muslim V2.12.38 Update


Bug Corrections:
Supports all type of tablets revert.

Bug Corrections:
Supports all type of tablets.

Bug Corrections:
Notification delay on Android 6.
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