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Modern Frontline Mission

Modern Frontline Mission

For Android


Modern Frontline Mission is a new first-person sniper game.
The city is full of criminals and terrorists. Let us guard the city and take action to eliminate the terrorists and restore the peace of the city.

Ready to enter the battlefield and the evil terrorists confrontation. You are an elite commando striker, you have the best sniper shooting skills. In any case, you can calmly face the enemy, and quickly destroy all the enemies. At the same time the army to provide you with a variety of advanced and powerful weapons and equipment, so you better survive on the battlefield.

The safety of the city is in your hands! Show your skills as a real shooter, eliminate all the terrorists and finish the quest.

Modern Frontline Mission Features:
- Real 3D graphics
- A large number of advanced sniper rifles
- a variety of challenging missions
- Realistic battlefield environment
- Smart AI makes the game more interesting
- amazing music and sound effects
- Play anytime, anywhere
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