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Lily bell

For Android
3.4 | 3.4 Reviews
This app can be used instead of a bell, such as food and beverage outlets.
If the shop does not have bell sound, it is also possible to record your own voice and play.
Main function
· I will play the sound of five by tapping the flower head.
• Play the sound of "I'm sorry" by tapping the flower of the body.
· You will be recording and playback from the menu button.
-Will be played by tapping boom box will be displayed when there is a recorded voice.

※ more compatible Android2.3.3

I'm going to check the operation of the following models
· Docomo L-01D (Android 4.04)
· Docom L-07C (Android 2.3.3)

※ Internet access is used only for display ads.

I was allowed to use the voice of the material here.
http://www14.big.or.jp/ ~ amiami / happy /
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