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Heyhoods is the first and only GPS locator connected with people nearby that, in case of an emergency and with just one click, will provide you instant help from the heyhoods community members that are nearby.

Heyhoods is a collaborative community created to help each other when in trouble, by proximity and altruism. It’s a free app the operation of which is associated to the number of members, therefore sharing it will make it a solid and trustworthy community.

Just by clicking ‘hey!’, heyhoods app records and collects your emergency information such as location, name and other important data. This information is sent together with the alert message that you have created, be it a written message or a voice note, to the members of the community, so that they can immediately help you.

If needed, heyhoods can also connect you to the emergency services and notify your trusted contacts at once through the same alert.

The app is truly user-friendly. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll just have to log in and click ‘hey!’ to create an alert.
At that moment, community members that are nearby will be able to:
• Know your real-time location.
• Connect with you via chat, live streaming or voice notes.
• Notify emergency services if necessary.
• Assist you immediately.

When you find yourself in an emergency or violent situation, feel afraid, missing someone or have been trapped somewhere, every second feels like an hour. Each information detail and the distance that the emergency services have to travel are critical to get there just in time.

Many times we need quick help and the emergency services can’t assist us on time. However, even though we sometimes feel lonely, there’s always someone nearby willing to help you.

Download heyhoods for free and make sure your location and notifications are activated.

Heyhoods can be the biggest and safest ‘hood worldwide, created to help eachother no matter where we are.

heyhoods, help anywhere.

heyhoods V1.8 Update


Our mission is making it possible you helping others nearby.

Now the videocall opens full-screen, you'll see open alerts in the main map view, your contact groups will show their location faster, and heyhoods app fits better in smaller screens.

Our app won't ask your rating, so it would be really great to have it whenever you feel like giving it to us.

Thanks for being a heyhoods community member!
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