A shiny new HELPFUL app just launched and has some exciting new features.

HELPFUL is going public and now works across the UK.
One app to eliminate single use containers, stop plastic pollution and help you live a life without the dependance on single use plastics.

Reuse and Refill on the go
Make the use of reusable containers easy, convenient and rewarding.
Use the HELPFUL app to find local retailers to reuse your own coffee cup, refill your bottle and use your own food container across the UK. Just choose the item you like to reuse and we will find the closest retailer and let you know what discounts they offer.
We will direct you there and reward you with a HELPFUL Point for using your own.

Recycle on the go
The app make recycling easy by offer you the tools to recycle single use plastics you can’t avoid, like coffee cups and plastic bottles. Use the app to learn where you can locally return them for recycling.
We will direct you there and reward you with a HELPFUL Point for returning the plastic for recycling.

Living a plastic free life is rewarding, HELPFUL let you earn HELPFUL Points and has some great rewards to incentive and motivate you break the plastic habit.

The app let you connect with friends in Facebook, like their actions to live a plastic free life with the HELPFUL app and share your photos in social media.

We are adding more retailers who are offering reusing of coffee cup, food containers and let you refill your bottle every day. Please let us know if you know any places locally to you to add.

HELPFUL V1.2.1 Update


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