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Farm Vegetables

1.0 For Android
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Farm Vegetables is committed to be a super hit in the app stores. This world of vegetables is awaiting anybody who wants match 3 or more vegetables or fruits of the same kind. Interchange the position of any two adjacent objects to make any match. Think twice about every move before you do it, create your own strategy and go further with it. Many different types of levels are the challenge of this free game, dare to pass all of them and challenge your friends and family members to do the same.

This puzzle game has several types of levels regarding with its target:
.* Achieve certain amount of points to pass the level. The target score is related to obtain the first star.
.* Remove all the jelly blocks. Make matches or explode any special that affects the tile where the jelly block is. There are simple and double jelly blocks, crush all of them to pass the level.
.* Falling objects. There are several farm falling objects: flower pot, rake, shovel and other farm objects.
.* Combinations of all several kind of levels are part of the challenge of this free match 3 game.

As well there are several types of special blocks:
-* Chocoblocko: This block expands itself. Each move the player doesn't make a chocolate block explodes, the chocolate blocks expand creating a new chocoblocko. Be quick to wipe out the chocolate blocks.
-* Blockytile: Remove all this special tiles that block the pass of fruits and vegetables of your farm. Clear the path to achieve your goal.

The player also has some booster that can help him/her to pass the most challenging levels. The game is completely free but to get some extra busters and extra moves and special options the user needs to collect gems. Can get it watching rewarded videos or directly buying them.

Also there are several types of special fruits:
** Four in a row fruit (FIR): Match 4 vegetables of the same specie and you will construct an awesome special fruit, which can clean up a complete horizontal or vertical line.
** T-five veggie (T-FV): Match 5 of the same kind in our farm and the user will get an incredible super candy, flavored with the flavor of the vegetable used to form the T. This special object clears all the adjacent tiles around.
** 5 in a line (5L): Match 5 in a line and get the super hyper special multicolor candy. Match this candy with any adjacent fruit and all the fruits of that type shall be cleared.

Also the combination of special fruits gives the option of having special effects:
@* FIR+FIR: Remove a vertical and horizontal line.
@* FIR+T-FV: Remove three horizontal and vertical lines.
@* FIR+5L: Convert every FIR specie in a FIR.
@* T-FV+T-FV: Explode all the vegetables in 2 adjacent tiles distance around it.
@* T-FV+5L: Transform all T-FV specie in a T-FV.
@* 5L+5L: Clear up all the existing vegetables on the screen.

Besides there are some other special boosters:
~* +5 moves booster: This booster gives 5 extra moves.
~* Hand switcher: Can switch to items that don't match.
~* Multi flower power: Replace the near items color.
~* Bomby bomb: Destroy the pointed item.

No doubt you will enjoy this marvelous game. Your feedback is part of our improvement. Don't forget to inform us about any idea or comment that can help us improve this game. Thanks in advance.

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