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eHeart Monitor Alert System

v3.0.29 For Android
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*** A monthly subscription is required to use this software.

Let Our Family Take Care Of Yours

eHeart Monitor is the modern & mobile Personal Alert System designed to notify your loved ones when you need help. eHeart Monitor is based on the latest mobile and wearable sensor technologies to maximize user mobility and out perform similar systems by providing continuous Biometric Feedback that gives family & caregivers deeper insight into the your current status and activity level on demand (without invading your privacy).

eHeart Monitor helps Seniors remain independent by providing the security of a smart personal alert system that’s mobile and easy to use. eHeart Monitor detects most falls automatically and seeks help without pressing a button thanks to our waterproof fall sensor that can be clipped on clothing or worn as a bracelet or pendant. Our fall sensor features a flashing LED to let you know a help message has been sent and a large button that can be pressed to send a help message on demand.

eHeart Monitor provides all the features you would expect in a leading Personal Alert System plus unmatched biometric sensor capabilities that keep you connected to your family when you can’t be with them. Imagine the peace of mind your family will have when they can check their smart phone and see you’re at home and sleeping comfortably (without interrupting you!).



C.A.L.M.™ - Continuous Activity Level Monitoring

eHeart Monitor collects 20,000-80,000 heart rate measurements daily with 24x7 use (depending on sensor). eHeart Monitor lets you see daily activity levels and activity trends over time to give you insight into your loved one's day.

Life Rhythm™

eHeart Monitor Life Rhythm enables you to visualize your loved one's daily routine. Our biometric data forms repeating patterns (especially with 24x7 use) that give you insight into your loved one's daily routine while preserving their privacy.

Family First Alerts™

With FAST alerts for up to 12 family members, caregivers, and other contacts, eHeart Monitor puts family awareness first. Create and manage your loved one's contacts on our web portal. No family nearby?eHeart Friend Circles let friends monitor and safeguard each other too!

Peace of Mind & Independence

When you have to be away from your loved one you'll worry less with eHeart Monitor watching. It's the next best thing to being there because eHeart Monitor lets you proactively check-in on your loved one.

Automatic Fall Detection

eHeart Monitor detects most falls automatically and sends a signal for help. You can send a signal for help manually using our Alert Button. You can also cancel a call for help, or a fall signal, with a quick single click on your Alert Button.

Remote Check-In™

eHeart Monitor is the only alert system that lets you proactively check on your loved one from remote using your smart phone. eHeart Monitor provides unprecedented visibility on your loved one's status while respecting their personal privacy.

Your data belongs to you

eHeart Monitor doesn't transmit your data to anyone. Your data is kept private and secure but is available for you to download on demand.

Don’t gamble with your personal safety…. Monitor yourself with
eHeart Monitor and share your status with your loved ones.

eHeart Monitor and it's sensors are not medical devices and are not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions.

*** Additional hardware and a monthly subscription is required to use this software.
*** Network connectivity required
*** We NEVER share your information. See our Privacy Policy here.
*** Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions before use.

eHeart Monitor Alert System Vv3.0.29 Update


Continuous realtime monitoring capabilities include: heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, activity level, posture, skin temperature, fall detection, and blood oxygen saturation level depending on sensors used. Water proof user help button with automatic fall detection supported.
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