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Dreamspell Calendar

3.7 For Android
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This application introduces an oracle that reflect the energies of specific dates. This is a spiritual oracle which is based on the calendars from the Maya's. This oracle has no historic value.

Some of the elements used were also used by the Mayan priests, among them were keepers/guardians of time. Most of the people had no way to keep track of the days, seasons, years... However, time was important, they had to sow at the right time of the year, prepare for the cold... The priests and calender systems played an important role in the lifes of the people of the Maya's.

This version can show the galactic signature, the destiny oracle, the wavespell, the tzolkin, 13 moon calendar and moon phases and has a widget for the home screen to show the current date.

When the app is installed permission will be asked to access your files. This permission is required to share a screenshot, because the app will have to save an image file to your storage before sharing it.

Available languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Dutch.

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The Dreamspell is originally created by José Argüelles and is maintained by www.lawoftime.org

This app is free and free of ads. This means that the developer and the translators usually get nothing in return for their work except for your gratitude.
We have a life, a family, friends, a job,...
For that reason new feature or new language could take a lot of time or may never come because we don't have time or we don't find the right translators.

You can ask for new features and every feature request will be looked at, but not every requested feature will be added.

Also check out other beautiful Dreamspell apps on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=dreamspell&c=apps .

Dreamspell Calendar V3.7 Update


Version 3.8

- The datepicker is reverted to the classic style.
- A bug fixed in Android Pie where the app crashed if the menu button was tapped.
- Updates for Android Oreo and Android Pie (as requested by Google for implementing new security measures).
- The year range of the datepicker is changed to 100-9999 (instead of 1800-2100)

Version 3.7

- The app has been translated to Russian by @Dimsanta

Version 3.6.1

- Corrected a bug where the date was not correct when starting the app.
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