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Drawing Face Step by Step

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Drawing Tips for Facial Drawing for Beginners

Remember to use a blunt HB pencil for these drawing step by step. In this drawing guideline we will use a 4B so you can clearly see what draw. Remember, the darker you go and the harder you press, the more difficult it will be to erase your under-layers/guidelines.
Here’s a quick and easy drawing method for beginners to draw male and female faces. In this step by step I’ll draw 2 basic faces and then I’ll demonstrate how some easy modifications can affect the overall look of the face.

Try to sketch face very lightly so you can easily erase mistakes as you go along. This will also be helpful for the last part of the tutorial where we’ll swap out facial features to play with the way our characters appear.

Learning to Draw Facial Features

Before you can start drawing an entire face, you must first learn to draw each of the facial features individually. Only by taking one feature at a time can you learn the anatomy well and understand what to look for and capture in your drawing to learn drawing face proportions step by step

Portrait Drawing Faces

Drawing heads and faces are some of the trickiest things. Let’s focus specifically on drawing facial features more thoroughly. We spend all day looking at people, thus, we are aware when something is a little off in a portrait drawing or painting.

Heads are not perfect circles, and they are not perfect ovals either. You can think of them as kind of egg-shaped, with the tapered end toward the bottom. Of course, this varies depending on the actual person and the angle you are seeing them from.

Many people make mistakes when drawing faces because they don't fully understand facial proportions. Proportion refers to the relationship in size and placement between one object and another.

There are many formulas that one can adapt for facial drawings step by step in the correct location. There's a simple drawing approach - one that I first learned and is great for beginners.

Drawing Portraits Technique

Drawing portrait with pencil is very much like drawing any other subject matter. You have to closely observe the subject in order to draw it accurately. Of course, portrait drawing is especially delicate because the goal is to make the portrait resemble the subject closely. If you know the person, the pressure to produce accuracy can be daunting. But every artist, no matter what their skill level, should take heart. Even the most experienced and well-known portrait artists are presented with challenges.

Steps to Drawing a Face Using a Simple Approach

Using this simpler drawing learning approach, the first step is to draw a circle to represent the cranium. Next, a line can be drawn to determine the length of the face (Step 1). For most faces, this line should be approximately double the length of the original circle. Next, lines are drawn from the bottom of that line to the edges of the circle creating the shape of the face (Step 2).

How to Draw a Face in Profile - Simple Approach

Drawing portrait and sketching is an important skill for any artist to know how to do. Drawing the face from the front view is one thing, but drawing the face from the side - or in profile view, is slightly different. One thing that is important in both types of drawing technique is understanding the proportions of a human face.

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