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Digital Qibla Finder: Qibla Direction Compass

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Prayer, which is one of The Five Pillars of Islam, also has some requirements. In order to properly perform the prayer, it is necessary to comply with these requirements. Qibla direction is one of them. For Qibla direction, one needs to head towards the direction of Kaaba in Mecca. Finding Qibla direction could be difficult during a vacation or in an unfamiliar location. There are some methods such as using the position of the Sun, using a sundial, the position of the Pole Star, finding qibla with using a watch are used for finding the direction of the Qibla. Indeed, all these traditional methods for finding Qibla may mislead you. For the Qibla direction, paying attention to positions of the mosques can also help. However, if you do not have such an opportunity for finding the Qibla direction with your mobile phone, asking “where is Qibla?” might be a pretty practical method for you. By using the Qibla Finder App, you can help yourself finding the direction of the Qibla, which gives you a reliable and precise result compared to other traditional methods.

➤ How Qibla Finder App Works

The Qibla Finder App processes the information which are collected from your phone's location and motion (gyroscope) sensors. First of all, you need to share your location and have your internet services available for the app working properly. A simple calculation is made by using the location of Kaaba and the location data received from your phone's sensors to find Qibla degree. Then the direction of Kaaba for your location is determined by using the data of the Qibla degree. The Qibla direction is shown in two different ways: compass mode and guiding (directive) mode in practice. In compass mode, you need to put your phone on the ground or hold it parallel to the ground. In the directive mode you should hold your phone in an upright position.

➤ Is Smart Qibla Finder App Reliable?

Qibla Finder app provides 100% accurate result with respect to Kaaba direction. In the case of a device or hardware-related problem, the orienting arrow will automatically stop and to avoid a misleading, user will receive a suggestion for calibration of the sensors. Calibration instructions are made during application usage. When using Qibla compass, your location and internet service must be available.

➤ Which Languages ​​Does the Qibla Finder App Support?

Qibla Finder app provides language support for English (Qibla Finder), Indonesian (Pencari Kiblat), Turkish (Kıble Bulucu), Arabic (مكتشف القبلة), French (Qibla Finder) and Russian (Поиск Киблы) languages. Please contact us for more language options and localization.

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