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Concrete dosage

2.98 For Android
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Determines dosages of concrete, mortar, bricks and much more for you.

Application designed for civil, architects, builders and engineers for all.

This app:

1. Determine the number of cubic feet of sand, cement, coarse aggregate and liters of water per cubic meter of concrete for various dosages of concrete

2. Calculate resistance concrete 1500 PSI to 3500 PSI and equivalents in MPA, and KG / CM2.

3. Use your concrete mixer and finds the number of buckets of water,
sand, cement and coarse aggregate by mixing.

4. Enter specific dosages and customized capacity mixer.

5. Determine how many bricks, cement and sand amount for the lift and wall plastering.

6. New advanced dosing of concrete based on ACI 211.1.

Concrete dosage V2.98 Update


The main menu is organized
the possibility of calculating the volume of concrete is enabled.
button table showing specific dosage used, for fast dosages concrete is added.
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