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Delta Force Battle Civil War Shooter FPS Games

For Android
3.4 | 3.4 Reviews
You must use all of your specialized skills to survive the assault attack of the sdsd enemy forces and avenge for your fallen soldiers as getting them out from your land and with your machine gun sniper and functional attacks. Start your shooting mission from outside the desert and other environments and attack on enemy forces terrorists and read the pop-ups as they notify you with the updates and upcoming battleland path and you will after killing Delta infinite warfare shooter enemy terrorists activate the dynamite installed in one room which will clean all the terror from the desert and you that can complete your challenging missions against war games challenge in the delta battle shooter combat game. Faced with this situation if you have no choice but to grasp the nettle in gunshooter Border areas. FInd new weapons from the wide range of scattered gun war Frenchy spr, infinite warfare Tommy gun sniper, Mk-16, Mk 10 , Ksr 35, Steyr Aug, Delta machine gun and M16, Ak 12, M16 and multiple grenades, smoke grenades, hand grenades installed dynamites and start shooting terrorists for freedom in the wide land of terror and you have access to carry light and heavyweight weapons according to your choice in gun war games.

Next level of playing the ultimate world war as amazing war man delta battle shooter sdsd and commando shooting hero hunting terrorists keep shooting as a free global war duty in the stunning desert full of terrorists who are trying to beat you but you are the best and make your country proud by killing all with your super sniper gun, assault rifle pistol and other high definition weapons fully functional in the best armor game shooting game battle combat. Go on shooting first with fast bullets with precision at enemy troops in the snowy cold weather, desert and city, sci-fi environments by selecting a different sniper weapon from artillery and complete each mission to win the battle war against the crazy enemy terrorists. Select where which weapon is best and protect you and your aim by playing this best shooter game and learn escape and survival skills of combat strategy with your best war games counter attacks games skills of gun war games and delta fight killing games.

FPS shooting game shooter first-person shooter fans are warmly welcomed here as their wait is over and best game with all new features and quality graphics with best controls are designed to share with you this in a front-line gun war action war game and you are a heroic warrior of the serious killing game battle challenges combat strike special forces game in the front combat zone using machine guns shotguns and sniper rifles other modern combat weapons to kill all kinds of brutal enemies as a special forces agent. Use your excellent fighting skills combat strike gunshooter to kill all gun war games enemies. You are a well-trained special forces military battlefield combat member in the tactical team level modern war power efficiency you have to go for interesting missions. You are equipped with Sniper machines gun war super grenades machine guns sniper rifles and armor you will be in this shooting game to complete the special secret challenging tasks to eliminate the Delta evil forces terror war delta battle that hinders world peace and your forces proud to say you all time yes and best. It is time to pick up your rifle guns and become the bravest warrior in this battle.

Features Of Game:
- Realistic Fight Against terrorists
- Special Forces Agent
- Exciting mini-map installed with realistic combat environment
- Realistic Battle fight effects
- M16, Ak 12, M16, and multiple grenades, smoke grenades, hand grenades
- Frenchy spr, infinite warfare Tommy gun sniper
- Ksr 35, Steyr Aug, Delta machine gun and M16, Ak 12, M16
- Rescue Hostages
- All Amazing Graphics
- Power Weapons
- Challenging multiple Levels
- Smooth Controls
- Better graphics
- Best FPS first person third person shooter
- Amazing music and sound effects
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