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Billable Call Tracker -Kohorts

303 For Android
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Kohorts Time Tracker is a vital tool for busy professionals for whom time is money. After a call, you simply decide whether that call needs to be charged for and enter an explanatory note. Later on you will receive an email with a list of the days chargeable calls and the notes you entered. This can also be fed into your billing system. Stop losing money and wasting time trying to remember what a call was about, who it was with, when it happened and how long it lasted. The call tracker handles all that for you!

The Kohorts Time Tracker is ideal for Lawyers, Doctors, Realtors, anyone who uses their mobile to talk to clients and needs to be able to charge for that time.

The application is free, you pay for the service.

PLEASE NOTE!! After installing the application for the first time you will have to manually start it - Android apps cannot start themselves after download. Once installed please go to applications or downloads on your device and start the application by hitting the Kohorts icon.

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