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Berkah mobile app has been designed to provide benefits and convenience for Muslims in Indonesia, where users can use this application as a guide for their prayers and as a tool to help remind people and their families, friends, and colleagues to pray and perform other religious activities.

Here are some features that have been included in the Berkah app:

- Nearest mosque: can be used to find the nearest mosque and also to invite fellow users to pray together. Mosques are encouraged to sign up to be included in the list. Each mosque can upload all of their upcoming activities and invite the Muslim community in the surrounding area.

- Closest events: consist of a list of a variety of Qur’an recitation and other religious activities. Users can register themselves to attend the events and also invite their friends.

Berkah app can accommodate a variety of events, ranging from small scale (1-10 pax) and medium (10-100 pax) events to large events (100-1 million pax).

- Schedule of prayers and reminders of prayer times: this can be used to invite colleagues or families to pray together.

- Electronic Al-Qur'an: complete with Indonesian translation and Latin pronunciation. Users can use this feature to learn to read the Qur'an and can also send and share verses or progress of their reading to friends.

- Zakat: can be used to calculate the amount of zakat that must be paid every month. In the future, we will cooperate with trusted zakat organizations.

- Prayers and hadith: a smart search feature to find exactly the prayers and teachings that suit your needs.

- Qibla seekers and prayer assistants: for those who want to learn how to pray properly.

- Follow your cleric and favorite ustad: users can follow clerics and religious teachers by following their pages on Berkah. Users can also read their writings and watch videos of their latest sermons on Berkah Media.

Berkah Media:

Berkan Media contains news about the Islamic world both in Indonesia and abroad, ranging from various tips for halal tours to articles about the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters abroad.

Berkah Media also offers lectures and sermons from clerics and religious teachers who discuss various topics that can be used as a guide for Muslims to live a better life under Islamic teachings.

Profile page:
- History of recitation and various other religious activities that have been attended and performed by the user.
- Qur’an reading history records of the user.
- Notes on the user’s praying activities.
- Notes on the user's fasting activities.
- Other religious activities are recorded and displayed in an attractive form with a dynamic design to remind the user to continue to pray diligently.
- Invite friends, family and colleagues to pray, attend recitations or be actively involved in various religious activities together.

Berkah V1.1.7.2 Update


Hi sahabat berkah, demi kenyamanan anda dalam menggunakan aplikasi berkah. Kami selalu meningkatkan performa aplikasi kami.
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