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●消費積點超便利|ATT 會員消費,100元可累積1點,手機就是會員卡
●輕鬆折抵無上限|ATT 會員 每35點可折抵10元
ATT exclusive APP, a key to download, the phone is the membership card!
The new 2018 debut, the consumer tired point, the point becomes cash, can also exchange your favorite gifts.
Brand, readily browse, stylish gourmet, restaurant reservations.
Members enjoy exclusive discounts to shop, but also to receive occasional exclusive goodies message!
ATT's APP, new look, new weather, let you / u his, consumer confidence!

● Consumer super-convenient plot point | ATT consumer members, 100 yuan can accumulate 1:00, the phone is a membership card
● Easily redeem unlimited | ATT members can redeem points for each 10 yuan 35
● members of the exclusive deals | irregular activities Goodies
● Exclusive Offers | Exclusive offers and discounts from time to time
● limit the number of points ceremony | occasional gift exchange points

ATT Group V1.5.7 Update


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