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1. 提供高精度万年历,可排盘的时间范围大,弥补了同类排盘软件可排盘时间范围小、不便于研究古人命盘和后人命盘的缺点。
2. 提供 Web版、桌面版(Windows/Mac)、移动版(IOS/Android)一致的排盘风格和用户体验。
3. 提供精心设计的排盘界面,风格简约而不简单,兼容命理师和紫微斗数爱好者的既有使用习惯,盘面布局和配色风格与使用广泛的飞星、三合、四化排盘软件保持一致,大幅降低使用门槛。
4. 提供丰富的配置选项,供不同流派的紫微斗数研究者依据本派理论进行排盘设定。
5. 提供方便快捷的大限和流年切换功能,大幅提升初学者的使用体验。
6. 提供持续的软件更新服务,广泛倾听命理师和紫微斗数爱好者的意见和建议,持续更新并改进产品。

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Astrology, numerology is one of the most important traditional Chinese tribes, ranked "number five God" first. It birth year, month, day, hour to predict who's good and bad fortune. In ancient times, Astrology prediction technique is Royal Queen, by the Astronomical charge, designed to predict the emperor, came disk complexity limits its spread in the private sector.
       The rapid development of modern computer technology, the original complex Astrology row disc becomes easier. However, behind the disc software on the network more or less there are some problems, such as: 1 A Star allowed; two rows of large disk time limitations; 3 program no longer cause an error has been unable to update the correction; 4 missing .... Web version, the desktop version and the mobile version of the same style row disk software ......
        "Schwimmer secret ● Astrology" It is designed to address the problem and developed a set of rows of discs Astrology software, which has the following characteristics:
1. Provide high-precision calendar, big time drain pan can make up for the small row of similar software can be ranked disc tray time, not easy to study ancient shortcomings chart and post-human life of the disc.
2. Provide Web version, the desktop version (Windows / Mac), the mobile version (IOS / Android) same row disk style and user experience.
3. Provide a well-designed row disk interface, style simple but not simple, compatible tellers and Astrology enthusiasts both habits, extensive disk layout and color scheme and use of meteor, triple, four modernizations row consistent disk software, dramatically reducing the use of threshold.
4. To provide a wealth of configuration options for different schools according to this school of thought Astrology researchers conduct discharge tray settings.
5. Provide convenient deadline and fleeting switching function, greatly enhance the user experience for beginners.
6. Provide ongoing software update service, widely listened to the views and suggestions tellers and Astrology lovers, continuously updated and improved products.

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文墨天机●紫微斗数 V0.9.272 Update


1. 在设置里增加高兼容性模式功能选项
2. 常用功能菜单里增加了弱光模式功能
3. 修正公元17世纪前生辰一处排盘问题
4. 修正格局分析里的一处判断条件问题
5. 更新底层组件更好的支持各厂商系统
6. 优化和完善了其它多处细节相关功能
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