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1. 智能通話:手機與手錶、手錶與手錶之間可互撥電話,手錶端可自由切換普通、隱私模式,通話更自如。
2. 實時精準定位:支持GPS、GLONASS、北鬥、基站、Wi-Fi、加速度傳感器、A-GPS輔助定位;
3. 多樣化微聊:互發語音及訊息,內置個性化表情包;
4. 通訊錄:透過APP管理手錶通訊錄,防止陌生電話騷擾及亂打電話;
5. 上課禁用:透過APP設置上課時間禁用,確保專注學習;
6. 拒絕陌生人:透過APP設置拒接陌生來電,防止陌生人撥打手錶電話;
7. 自動接聽:透過APP開啟自動接聽功能,若手錶端電話未被接起,10秒後手錶自動接通;
8. 支持跨境卡:同時可供香港及內地卡使用;
9. 自由切換地圖:根據實際使用,可隨時切換Google或百度地圖。
Small genius phone watches, create high-quality smart products that lead children's fashion trends, accompany children to grow up healthy and happy, let you communicate with children anytime, anywhere.

The new genius phone watch APP new upgrade:

Main features:
1. Intelligent call: The phone can be dialed between the mobile phone and the watch, the watch and the watch. The watch can freely switch between the normal and privacy modes, and the call is more free.
2. Real-time accurate positioning: support GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, base station, Wi-Fi, acceleration sensor, A-GPS assisted positioning;
3. Diversified micro-chat: interactive voice and message, built-in personalized emoticon package;
4. Address Book: Manage the watch address book through APP to prevent unfamiliar phone harassment and random calls;
5. Class is disabled: set the class time through the APP to disable, to ensure focus on learning;
6. Reject strangers: Reject strange calls through the APP settings to prevent strangers from dialing the watch;
7. Auto answer: Open the auto answer function through the APP. If the watch end phone is not connected, the watch will automatically turn on after 10 seconds;
8. Support for cross-border cards: available for both Hong Kong and Mainland cards;
9. Freely switch maps: According to the actual use, you can switch Google or Baidu map at any time.

小天才 V7.0.7 Update


- 更極簡輕量的視覺風格。
- 新增綁定成員功能,明確管理員權限。
- 更多模塊,卡片展示寶貝賬號信息,查看更快捷。
- 優化寶貝通訊錄,查找聯繫人更方便。
- 解決定位界面左右划動卡片切換手錶不明顯的問題。
- 修復已知問題。
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