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This system is not to develop an expensive and unaffordable tracking system. Instead, it is based on the architecture of the urban Internet of Things to create a guardian network for the new generation of people to watch and help the masses. Focusing on the low-power Bluetooth (BLE) as the communication-based anti-lost carrier, in addition to the wide-range fixed-point Bluetooth signal receiver station, it can also take advantage of the high-capacity environment of smart phones in metropolitan areas. The advantage is that each mobile phone can be the best helper through the mobile app. The family can usually display the location information of the loved ones wearing the anti-lost vehicle through the APP, and use the built-in announcement and instant messaging function of the APP in an emergency. Once the elderly are lost, the family can send an announcement through the APP to ask other users for assistance. If the public encounters the lost person wearing the anti-lost vehicle, they can also use the APP to search for their Bluetooth signal, and seek and help through the APP on the premise that both parties are confidential. In addition, the anti-lost vehicle itself also has a one-card ticket function. The family can store the value for the elderly for their daily transportation or shopping. It is both a positioning device and a virtual wallet. It can be easily worn as a key ring or necklace, so that you can go out at ordinary times. Peace of mind and convenience. In addition, the system introduces the convenience of the automatic external defibrillator AED. The public can not only query the location of the machine through the mobile application APP, but also use the Bluetooth communication function of the smart phone to trigger the ringing and greatly increase the first aid. Speed; the public can also further link the above-mentioned deaf-defense network area help system, cooperate with the server cloud database system, and use APP to contact nearby qualified professionals, such as setting up AED machine place administrators or educated people. support.

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