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12.5.1 For Android
Swipetimes is a powerful yet very simple project based time tracker.

It will effortlessly let you measure your working time or any other activities you want to monitor. It offers an absolutely great user experience and makes time tracking straightforward and really enjoyable.

It's the ideal app to measure your work time. It's the ideal app for freelancers who need to measure their project times. It's the ideal app for students who need to measure their learning time. It's the ideal app for anyone who wants to track the time dimension of hers / his activities.

Swipetimes supports punch in / punch out tracking as well as writing down your hours at the end of the day. It will generate accurate time sheets and statistics out of your logged times/work log.

Through WIFI-based automation rules, time tracking can run even without using the app. After linking WIFIs to your projects, the tracker will start when your phone connects to the WIFI and stop when it disconnects.

Another way of automating tracking is through the use of NFC tags.

Distances can also be tracked by using the GPS functions the app offers.


Track the time you spend with your projects and tasks. Enhance your records with tags and notes.

Define time goals for you projects and be informed when you reach them.

Define goals for your weekly work time and let the app manage the time account for you. You will know exactly what your current overtime is and how it evolved over time.

Powerful reports will give you an exact overview of your logged time. Use filters to focus on specific projects in your statistics.

Export to various formats like excel, json, xml and pdf.

Use automated or manual backups to keep your data safe. Choose between cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox or store those backups on your SD card.

Optional (unidirectional) synchronisation with Google Calendar will write down all logged records in a calendar you may share with your boss, your customers or whomever you want.

A widget with stopwatch-like functions.

Pomodoro like alarms will remind you that you should take a break or start doing something useful.

Interact with the app through a status bar notification.

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  • 5.8 MB APK

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