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What is interesting in the game:

  • Colorful puzzles;

  • Puzzles for the whole family;

  • Ability to enable or disable the background hint to the picture;

  • Game saving mode;

  • Pleasant music;

One of the most beloved and exciting games of mankind is puzzles. It started merely, when in 1760 John Spilbury cut into pieces the world map and introduced to humanity a new game of puzzle. Fitting the pieces of the map together was an interesting occupation and was aimed to instil in children a love of geography. Due to the game evolution we have today an exciting activity. Having become an online game nowadays, it confidently took its place in our phones and tablets, making our forced waiting, or a trip less tiring and more entertaining.

Online Puzzles game collected colorful photos on various topics, where there are both animals and nature puzzles pictures. Assemble of complex images can be eased for a child by background hint that can be turned on by pressing a button of a light bulb. And if an adult plays puzzles online, then to increase the difficulty, the hint can be turned off by clicking on the light bulb again.

Collecting game puzzles is very simple. You need to drag and drop puzzle pieces, setting them in their places to get a wonderful picture. The game has a music option that can be turned off. The developers have tried to make puzzles online a pleasant and non-intrusive game for the player and others. Also, the educational game has a save mode, if you urgently need to turn off the game, though the picture is not completely assembled: you do not need to get upset, as you can just press the button in the form of a diskette and the game will be saved.

This application will appeal to everyone who is looking for classic puzzles for adults. Each picture consists of 56 pieces. Playing such games develops imaginative and logical thinking, voluntary attention. Games teach to correctly perceive the relationships between part and whole, train observation and cognitive abilities of a person. Turns out that adult large puzzles can be assembled together with children.

You can play puzzles even without the Internet! Exciting game puzzle will help to distract from everyday work.
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