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Hear Boost: Enhanced Microphone Volume & Recording
Hear Boost: Enhanced Microphone Volume & Recording second value
1.21 For Android
A powerful aid for your hearing. Supercharge your ear and get enhanced hearing with this microphone amplifier. Hear the world around you in an enhanced way like you may have never heard it before. Hear Boost gives you enhanced super hearing and recording ability to easily capture far away sounds and conversations. Give your ears super powers. Listen and record up to 200x what your microphone normally picks up.

Here’s a tip to get the best sound out of the app. Start with your volume down on your device then slowly turn up the microphone gain in the app. Then you can slowly raise the volume on your device to get a clean sound. The interplay between the two is key.

There are 2 separate in-app purchases:
1) Unlimited Listening & Recording
2) Use the 6-Band Equalizer

Be good to your ears and start with the volume down. Slowly raise the volume as your ears can take it. This app can get very loud so please be careful. The ear is very sensitive.

Super charge your ears with an aid and give them a hearing boost. A recording and hearing tool for journalists, students, parents, the curious and anyone who wants to enhance their hearing. Store and share your recordings in wav or mp3 format.

Our microphone input and voice filter switch make this app the perfect tool for journalists to record interviews, students to record lectures, the hard of hearing to use as a hearing aid and much more.

Hear Boost can work in the background so you can place your device anywhere with its display off while it’s still listening or recording. There is no limit to recording. It will keep recording until you tap stop or your storage has run out of free space.

We suggest using wired headphones. Without headphones connected it will feedback on itself and make a very unpleasant sound unless you record and or listen with the volume down. Bluetooth compatible. Use with any Bluetooth headset, but be aware that Bluetooth as a technology has a delay. Because of this we suggest you use Hear Boost with wired headphones.

Amplify your microphone up to 200x
Record sound from far away
Record samples for use in music
Record interviews
Use as a hearing aid
Record class lectures
Improves hearing by amplifying sound
Increase the power of your ears
Hear sounds louder and clearer
Control the volume of sounds and voices
Hear human voices louder and clearer by tapping the voice filter button
Control the volume of sounds by using our gain level and volume button
Free app to try
No ads, ad free
Eavesdrop on conversations
Unlimited recordings
Unlimited recording time
Record for as long as your storage space will allow
Hear Boost super recorder
Ear Boost
Ear Aid

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    Hear Boost: Enhanced Microphone Volume & Recording


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